Benefits of Quality Security Concierge

First impressions are important for businesses. When clients enter the building, they must feel welcome, well informed and safe. People often remember the first port of call of the company, which more often than not set the tone of the visit. A security concierge serves as an effective customer service representative and a reliable security officer at the same time.

Recon Officer of the Year—2015

This years award goes to James Durning the Senior Officer of Taylor Prestons in Wellington.  In January of this year while on duty at TPL James discovered a fire in a store room while conducting a site patrol.  He immediately raised the alarm and was responsible for ensuring the safe evacuation of over 300 employees from the plant.  James then coordinated all of the information to the clients management team and the emergency services.  

The Best Alarm Monitoring in the Region

I’ve been with Hardisty Engineering for 17 years. I take care of the security and quite honestly I thought that the security was a little bit over the top. We had an alarm system but if it went off, it went off to no one. We had no way of communicating with the alarm. We had no way of communicating with anyone else. Since being with Recon I’ve realised that it’s a lot easier to create a profile of who’s coming in and who’s going out.