What Make Recon Security Stand Out.......

It's no secret that in today's world, technology is advancing and so is Recon. Recon offers advanced leading edge technology in every area of security from event security, to home security, to government security and the spaces in between. Recon offers a variety of professional leading edge security options ranging from Bosch analogue and digital camera systems to iGuard security systems. State of the art monitoring provided by Recon means that even when you're away, your assets are guarded and attended to in case of emergency.

(CCTV) Closed Circuit TV: Maximising your security potential

CCTV or Closed circuit television has traditionally been thought of as a camera system for shops or banks to monitor comings and goings. Not only are they used to watch customers and catch or deter potential shoplifters but also to keep track of staff activities. Sometimes systems are installed as a matter of precaution and other times because an issue has been identified and the cameras are needed to determine who the culprits are and provide evidence.

Latest Client Testimonial

Just a few comments from a client of Recon Security. "What’s excellent with Recon is we have a good staff base that know the facilities well. They do more, they go the extra mile to improve things around the area, they have a good rapport with the crew, Recon are experts in commercial protection......."

Is Recon just about security?

No it isn’t. What you may not know about us is that we have made a socially responsible commitment to supporting our community. Recon recognises that society is only as strong as the people in it and therefore has placed value on building stronger communities through regular financial assistance and ongoing support.

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Security Guards: What it takes to be the best...

Wherever you go in New Zealand, or the world for that matter, you will see security guards or security officers performing a range of roles. Traditionally we think of these guards and officers as people who are controlling access to something and making sure that we are conforming with the ‘rules’ of that place. However there are many roles that these protection and security personnel can take.

Personal Protection Officers (PPO) – Recon’s answer to bodyguards

Bodyguards have not always had a good reputation – too often they are portrayed as hulking men with limited technical ability and dubious communication skills. Their thuggish approach of intimidation to gain control, not to mention their sometimes questionable backgrounds have meant that the bodyguard profession has been seen as less than professional. The last thing any security company wants is to appear in a newspaper article like the one in the Dominion Post in December 2012.