Do the cameras see at night?

Yes – most cameras have reasonably good vision at night time provided there is some ambient lighting within the IR range. There are also specialist low light cameras that will work in total darkness.

Does the system record locally or on a cloud?

Local storage on your own NVR (Network Video Recorder) is recommended and you can then access it remotely as needed.

How long will the CCTV system store recordings?

This is dependent on the size of the hard drive and your requirements, but as a minimum we recommend a month of recording at any time.

How do I save or retrieve footage?

This is a simple process and with motion only detection/line crossing/object removal and fast search functions it does not take long to find the footage you need. From there you can save/archive onto the NVR or simply download onto a USB (still pictures or video).

Ongoing servicing costs?

There is very little to go wrong, but 12-monthly is recommended to check camera seals and system settings/time and date/frame rates, etc. and also provide a refresher on system use.

Can the CCTV system send me email alerts?

Yes – line crossing detection settings can be triggered and send alerts out but please note this is very site dependant. 

Analogue vs IP

Forget analogue CCTV – it is all but obsolete now. 

Which brand is best?

This can be site and requirement dependant but all the main brands are reasonably close in operating specs and price. It is important to ensure the system is genuine (NZ is awash with counterfeit/parallel imports) and supplied locally by licensed suppliers. Get written confirmation of this.


Can I see an operational system before I buy?

Yes – highly recommended to ensure the end product meets your expectations.

Warranty period?

24 or 36 months is standard on all product but life expectancy is much more.