Is your security guard alarm response sub contracted out?

No, Recon employs over 100 personnel and has security guards throughout the city day and night getting guards to your property faster.

Do you only pay your staff the minimum wage?

No, all staff earn over the minimum wage and are actually paid based on their experience, qualifications and which department they work at.

Are your security staff contractors?

No, all our security staff are on wages and salaries. This entitles them to sick and holiday pay a kiwi saver contribution and regular hours, unlike contractors.

What makes your security staff better than the other companies?

Recon actively targets the best security staff in the industry, by paying a premium to high performers, we attract and retain the best security personnel in the industry.

Will I pay more for a Recon security Guard than your competitors?

Because Recon is New Zealand owned, we have lower overheads that most of our competitors and even though we have a higher calibre of staff we have very competitive rates.

Do you pay guards the living wage?

Paying staff a fair wage is important to us and paying the living wage is our preference.

Can you provide services around the country?

Yes, Recon have offices in Auckland and Wellington and provide services in all main centres.

How long does it take to get a security officer to respond to my alarm?

Recon Security targets a sub-10 minute response for clients. We are able to achieve this through having multiply vehicles on the road every night, providing both monitoring and response services in-house and using technology we have developed for rapid response.


Using the latest technology, Recon installs tracking devices throughout your building which document when and where we’ve been.  This information is passed on to the police in the event of a security breach.