Personal Protection

Recon’s PPOs or bodyguards are highly trained and qualified security personnel with expertise in personal protection. They are deployed to ensure the safety of clients such as:

  • Famous celebrities
  • Important political figures
  • Business executives
  • Anyone who is potentially in danger of personal attacks


What does Recon’s Personal Protection Team do to ensure maximum safety?

  • Carefully study a client’s schedule
  • Visit locations to determine access to facilities, layout, emergency evacuation routes etc
  • Anticipate potential threats to the client’s safety
  • Strategically plan the details of the security operation
  • Respectfully ensure the client follows safety procedures
  • Discreetly monitor the safety of the client at all times
  • Stay alert to all people and surroundings
  • Remain attentive so as to respond appropriately in an emergency situation.


What else does Recon’s Personal Protection Service provide that you may not have thought of?

  • Monitoring and management of client assets – baggage, equipment, resources and documents – making sure all belongings are secured and accounted for.
  • Transportation – ensuring the client is able to enter and exit the vehicle safely and that the vehicle is at the correct location at the correct time. Recon’s drivers also have the necessary skills to take any required emergency actions.
  • Media liaison – to avoid distraction or embarrassment the PPO liaises between the client and the media source. Protocols and expectations are set prior to the operation to avoid unnecessary confusion
  • Crowd control where the client attracts large gatherings of people extra Recon Security Officers will be deployed to control access around the client.
  • First aid – all PPOs have the relevant first aid qualifications to manage any emergency situation until professional medical assistance arrives


How do you know that Recon’s PPOs are trained for the role?

All Recon PPOs are trained by personnel who have had extensive NZ Police Close Protection experience. PPOs are on a continual cycle of training so that every aspect of the role is learned to automaticity.

Training covers:

  • Threat assessments
  • Correct clothing and equipment
  • Walking drills including
  • Standard approach to stairs, lifts and doorways
  • Driver training including security vehicle driving, offensive driving tactics, optimal parking decisions, safe routes
  • Physical response to removal of VIP, deterring an attack, holds, release and restraints
  • First Aid


What experience have Recon’s PPOs had?

Recon’s Personal Protection Service has had extensive experience providing security to high profile people such as:

  • Members of the Royal families
  • Presidents & Heads of State
  • Several New Zealand’s Prime Ministers
  • Entertainment celebrities
  • Other well known celebrities
  • Corporate Executive


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