What is physical surveillance?

Physical surveillance is a form of monitoring where a subject is kept under physical observation.

Members of a surveillance team watch and track their subject. Sometimes this is done in relatively close proximity, and in other cases, the person doing the surveillance may need to remain distant to avoid attracting attention. The surveillance team works on foot, in vehicles, and using other methods of transportation as necessary and must be highly alert, as well as flexible, to identify the movements of the subject and take appropriate actions. This type of surveillance requires special skills and is labor intensive, as personnel must be continually rotated to provide coverage, and it may be necessary to use an array of observers to avoid attracting attention from the subject under observation.


 Where is surveillance useful?

  • In remote locations where cameras can't be installed like beaches, parks or bush settings
  • Around the workplace when evidence is needed for theft or illegal activity
  • When more information is needed about someone's physical health condition
  • When a spouse is concerned about their partners activity
  • When there is concern about a child's welfare


What surveillance experience does recon have? 

  • Working with Councils to monitor and document activity in public places
  • Working with Government departments to monitor criminal activity
  • Working with businesses around Wellington to identify and reduce theft
  • Working with individuals to monitor relationship partners activities 


How to decide on a provider

  • Are they licensed under the Ministry of Justice as private investigators?
  • Are they experienced in physical surveillance operations?
  • Do they employ ex military and Police to perform the surveillance?


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