Morality in the Security Industry & Recon’s Promise to Uphold it

Keeping New Zealanders safe is one of our company’s main promises here at Recon. Our ability to maintain trust between our clients, as well as uphold our moral and ethical values boils down to a few key elements. One of them is equality and care for New Zealanders, regardless of their circumstance. On February 3rd, released harrowing footage of a security guard fighting a homeless man on the streets of central Wellington. This guard is employed by Allied Security, one of our company’s leading competitors. With over 200 personnel at Recon Security, our aim is not to control and monitor our security guards’ every move, but rather to integrate industry best practice and purposeful guard training so that when faced with confronting situations, we know their moral integrity will be aligned with that of Recon’s.

The incident that happened between the Allied employee and the homeless man does not reflect the security industry, but rather highlight the importance of thoroughly researched and integrated training tactics. Our aim is to protect the integrity of our clients and promote safety in New Zealand. This, however, cannot be achieved without diligent, approachable personnel who are committed to keeping our community safe.