Control room operators

Recon provides a professional team of Control Room Operator's that deliver impartial, reliable and experienced handling of situations that would be difficult for a company to assemble without serious and considerable investment in money, technology and staff.


What does an outsourced Control Room do?

Recon 24 hour control room performs many functions for clients including

  • Remote monitoring alarms & camera systems
  • Monitoring the welfare of clients and employees
  • Managing clients' jobs after hours, including parking, towing and maintenance
  • Manage after hours calls
  • Always available disaster recovery stations
  • Secure key storage for 24 hour access
  • After hours Issuing of assets to staff or contractors.


Why Outsource Control Room Services?

  • Stay ahead of your competitors in service delivery
  • Free up staff from being on call 24/7
  • Save in capital investment and labour


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