Quality Policy

Recon Security’s quality assurance encompasses all the policies, systems and processes that form the framework of our service delivery.

Our quality assurance objectives are:

  • To develop a full understanding of all clients’ needs
  • To work in close partnership with clients to provide the right quality work and service, first time
  • To actively seek client feedback and to use this as a basis for continuous assessment and improvement
  • To ensure that all Recon Security employees are provided with the appropriate training, guidance, support and resources to perform all operations to an exceptional standard
  • To develop highly effective systems, procedures and processes within Recon Security’s operations that will provide all clients with superior service delivery.

In order for Recon Security to deliver services with consistent results, the Executive Management Team adopts a four phase cycle: Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA), to ensure that Recon Security is constantly planning and managing the development and improvement process.

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