Alarm Monitoring

Recon alarm solutions provide 24/7 monitoring of your property to both deter and detect unauthorised entry, and prevent costly security breaches.


Recon Security offers professional, fully managed alarm monitoring services for commercial and residential properties throughout Wellington and Auckland.

Our remote alarm monitoring service is best procured along with our rapid Alarm Response service, to guarantee peace of mind and ensure trained personnel are able to quickly attend and deal with any security event or threat.

How will an alarm monitoring system improve my property security?

A security alarm monitoring system will improve the security and safety of your property by ensuring swift notification of security breaches to either yourself, the police / fire service, or our licensed, alarm response team, who can investigate and take any required action.

The security monitoring centre is automatically notified when any of the following events occur:

  • Burglar alarm activation
  • Smoke alarm activation
  • Panic alarm activation
  • Tamper alarm activation
  • Alarm set or unset message
  • Test message
  • Alarm fault message

What are the benefits of having my security alarm monitored?

  • Peace of mind – while you sleep, our 24/7 team vigilantly watch
  • Burglary protection for absentee owners Fire protection – the Fire
  • Service is automatically alerted to a smoke alarm activation
  • Provide a strong deterrent to would-be burglars.

What types of alarms are suitable for monitoring?

Traditional alarms are connected to the monitoring centre via your land line and offer a reliable and cost effective solution in most instances. The latest technology in alarms is IP (Internet Protocol) monitoring, which allows the detection device to automatically and immediately report events to our 24/7 manned control centre.

There are also options for cellular phone and GPRS systems. Read more about alarm systems or talk to one of our installation consultants about the best type of alarm for your situation.


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How does alarm monitoring work?

Your detection devices send regular signals to our monitoring centre. In the event of a security breach, motion disturbance or smoke detection, the alarm sends the appropriate signal.

Our trained monitoring centre staff then follow a set of well documented procedures based on the type of alarm signal received. This may include calling nominated contacts, sending one of our licensed security guards to the site or alerting emergency services.

Is alarm monitoring expensive?

Basic alarm monitoring via a landline costs about $1.00 a day. This charge is often small change compared to the cost of a burglary, unattended fire or malicious damage caused to your site and property. For alarm monitoring costs via GPRS, IP or Mobile, contact us for a competitive quote.

What makes Recon the best choice for Alarm Monitoring in Wellington?

  • Locally owned
  • Local knowledge
  • Full alarm supply, installation, monitoring and maintenance services
  • We deal with the latest technology
  • No subcontracting of alarm monitoring or alarm response services
  • Our alarm technicians are qualified by BOSCH

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