Control Room Operators

Recon Security provides 24/7 control room operators 

Recon provides a professional team of Control Room Operator's that deliver impartial, reliable and experienced handling of situations remotely, that would be difficult for a company to assemble without serious and considerable investment in money, technology and staff.

Why Outsource Control Room Services?

  • Stay ahead of your competitors in service delivery
  • Free staff from being on call 24/7, improving morale and productivity
  • Save on significant capital investment and labour

What does an outsourced Control Room do?

Recon Security's 24 hour control room performs many functions for clients including:

  • Remote monitoring of alarms & camera systems
  • Monitoring the welfare of clients and employees
  • Managing clients' jobs after hours, including parking, towing and maintenance
  • Managing after hours calls
  • Providing 'always available' disaster recovery alerts and actions.
  • Secure key storage for 24 hour access
  • After hours Issuing of assets to staff or contractors.

Experts in Commercial Protection

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