Security Services

Recon has been providing security services including Security Guard, Concierge & Mobile Patrols in Wellington, Auckland and throughout New Zealand for over 20 years.

Our highly trained, yet friendly and approachable security specialists offer a range of services to both residential and commercial clients.


Event Security

Anyone with event management experience understands that there are specific objectives and risks inherent to each venue. Recon Event security ensure a safe environment for staff and visitors alike, help prevent any disruption and protect property against damage or loss.


Security Guards

Recon security guards are hand picked for their diligence, discipline and professionalism.  All of our security staff are Recon employees (we don't sub-contract), who have received stringent training in best practice processes and procedure, to ensure the best possible protection for your people, infrastructure and assets.


Noise Control

Acceptable levels of noise, whether generated by private citizens or organised events, is part and parcel of living or operating a business from a suburban area. When noise exceeds reasonable levels, Recon noise control officers are highly adept at engaging with offenders, defusing potential problems and shutting down or reducing noise to acceptable levels.


Mobile Patrols

Recon mobile security patrol provide you peace of mind, allowing you to relax safe in the knowledge that your property is secure and your after-hours staff are safe and protected. Our highly trained and ultra responsive mobile security services can take care of any after-hours security issues.



Recon’s Concierge Service is a combination of effective remote customer service and monitoring, with reliable guarding capabilities. Essentially, this service ensures the safety and security of visitors and tenants, as well as a capacity to perform daily organisational tasks.


Alarm Response

Recon Security offer professional, rapid response alarm monitoring services for commercial and residential properties throughout Wellington and Auckland. Recon alarm solutions enable 24/7 monitoring your property to detect unauthorised entry and prevent costly security breaches.

Experts in Commercial Protection

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