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Since 2006 Recon has provided first class protection services for the TV and Film industries and earned its reputation as the market leader in security services for the film making industry in New Zealand.

Do Recon's staff receive special training for the film industry?

Recon’s extensive experience in this field means we understand the unique security requirements of the industry. Specifically, our experienced staff are trained to:

  • Be competent, professional and proactive
  • Respond at short notice
  • Work confidently in isolated and remote locations
  • Work independently and self sufficiently as required
  • Work in international locations
  • Be discreet and act confidentially at all times

Does Recon provide security on advertising sets?

Recon Security has extensive experience and specific expertise in the provision of physical protection services during production and filming of TV commercials. You can rely on us for

  • Asset protection
  • Traffic control
  • Crowd control

Some major contracts include

King kong movie security
King Kong
The Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit

Services we provide for the Film & Movie industry

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Recon has the resources and infrastructure to manage any a multitudde of industries anywhere in New Zealand.

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