Mobile Patrols

Recon Security has a mobile patrol team that will keep your property secure 24/7


Recon mobile security patrol enables you to relax knowing your property is secure and your after-hours staff are being looked after. Our highly trained and responsive mobile security services can take care of your after-hours security issues.

What do Mobile Patrols do?

  • Bedding-down your property at night so it remains secure
  • Randomly checking on properties throughout the night
  • Locking or unlocking doors or gates at specific times
  • Ensuring your car park is cleared
  • Checking on the welfare of your employees when they are working alone or at night.
  • Responding to alarm systems in a timely, proactive manner

What kind of security breaches do Recon Security patrols look out for?

Our fully trained security patrol professionals are adept and vigilant at identifying issues with building damage, graffiti, doors left open or unlocked, signs of burglary, noise infringements in student accommodation / hotels / apartments and potential health and safety threats.

Our guards also look out for any unauthorised persons on or near the premises, and will approach and verify any unknown persons to ensure they have the right to be on your property at that time.


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How do Recon security patrols work?

Our mobile security patrol service acts as a deterrent, a guardian and an early warning system. Our patrol vehicles and guards, particularly when combined with our remote monitoring solution, offers the best insurance against costly damage or intrusion.

Recon Security has over 10 mobile security patrol vehicles on the road each night, each equipped with state of the art security technology, including a secure communications system.

Recon patrol vehicles are fitted with lockable key cabinets coded for security so unauthorised access is impossible. When procured in conjunction with our remote monitoring solution, our patrols are backed up 24/7 by our Recon Security monitoring control room providing you with additional peace of mind.

Where do Recon mobile patrols operate?

  • High rise buildings
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Industrial complexes
  • Parks and recreation centres

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