Access Control

Access control systems let you restrict entry to an area, and what level of access they will have once inside.

Access Control

Access Control technology is constantly changing. We’re experts in access control technology and maintenance. Our clients benefit from our technical knowledge, system installation design experience and our expertise in both commercial and residential applications.

We offer a streamlined, hassle-free solution for your security needs. If you need a new access control system or are looking at upgrading your existing CCTV cameras then make an enquiry as we are here to help.

What are the benefits of access control?

There are many benefits of using an access control system some include:

  • Control remotely
  • Monitor off site
  • Programme doors to lock at certain times


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Deciding on a provider

When trying to select an access control service provider in Wellington, there are several key competencies you should check with each potential security provider, in order to ensure an effective and efficient service:

  • Do they have qualified and experienced technicians?
  • Do they offer the best range of products?
  • Concept
  • bosch
  • tecom
  • Do they offer a range of functionality in their systems?
  • Network Solutions: web-based / cloud access control remote via smartphone
  • Keypad access control
  • Biometric access control (fingerprint access)
  • Proximity access control with key cards and fobs
  • Turnstile / entrance gate access security system

Whether you are looking for a single door access control or network access control system for commercial or residential building, you should consult with our experts to design a system tailored exactly to your needs.

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