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Recon Security provide fast response to monitored alarms

Recon Security Alarm Response

Recon Security have a firm commitment to providing lightning fast alarm response times for commercial and residential properties throughout Wellington and Auckland.

Recon's Monitored Alarm solution enables 24/7 monitoring of your property to detect unauthorised entry and prevent costly security breaches.


As soon as an on-site alarm is triggered, our 24/7 control centre are alerted in real-time and react immediately, whilst contacting our nearest patrol car to divert them to your site with haste.

Our rapid response security team is trained to the very highest standards and are able to deal with any security event or threat at your location accordingly.  Our patrols are purposely organised in such a way as to ensure we can usually arrive on site within a minimal amount of time following the initial alarm.

As part of our commitment to training, our security guards are encouraged to attempt to diffuse rather than inflame situations when confronted by intruders, in order to protect your interests and the safety of your employees, whilst also remaining ready and alert to the possibility of physical attack.

The regularity with which our patrol cards circulate our client's properties is often a sufficient deterrent to would-be burglars, and also ensures that we are never too far away in the event of an alarm being triggered.

Our guards know their patrol areas intimately as well as the source of likely threats and retreats, enabling them to instinctively respond accordingly.

In the event of a fire, we swiftly and efficiently identify the blaze and immediately alert the relevant authorities and work to ensure the safety of your on-site employees.


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Whilst we cannot absolutely guarantee a 10 minute response time, due to factors beyond our control (such as a car crash causing a major road closure), we do target a sub-10 minute response for clients.

We are able to achieve this by:

  • Having at least ten of our own response vehicles on the road at any time
  • Running our own monitoring call centre (some companies sub-contract this element of their services)
  • Not subcontracting alarm response duties, meaning there is no time wasted calling a secondary service provider


Where panic alarms are installed, either at commercial or residential locations, the same rapid response process and procedures ensure that our highly trained trained staff will respond and assist as required, usually within 10 minutes.

What makes Recon the best choice for RAPID ALARM RESPONSE in Wellington AND AUCKLAND?

Our highly trained response team take great personal pride in their work. We know how important a rapid response is to you. Talk to us today about how we can keep you and your property safe.

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