Event Security

Recon Security provide security solutions for all events

Event security

Anyone with event management experience understands that there are specific objectives and risks inherent to each venue. Recon Event security ensure a safe environment for staff and visitors alike, help prevent any disruption and protect property against damage or loss.

What type of events might need this level of security?

Where there is a crowd, there is risk. Recon provide event security services to a broad range of events throughout Auckland, Wellington and New Zealand, not limited to:

  • Sports events
  • Concerts
  • Weddings, 21st birthdays, engagement parties or family functions
  • Street parties
  • Fairs and galas
  • School balls
  • Private & corporate functions
  • Emergency or remote asset protection
  • Events with celebrities in attendanceProtest events


There is a lot to think about when planning an event. As your security provider, we work with you across a number of key considerations during the planning phase. Exact requirements differ depending on the nature of your event but often include:

  • Pedestrian flow and access control
  • Alcohol controls
  • Infrastructure
  • Money handling
  • Waste management
  • Fencing around licensed areas
  • Barriers for front of stage areas
  • Lighting
  • Processes for lost children
  • Dog control
  • Signage for directions and hazard warnings
  • Formal traffic management plan
  • Emergency procedures



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What CAN I expect from Recon SECURITY guards?

All Recon event security staff conduct themselves in a highly professional manner. Each of our guards hold a Certificate of Approval issued by the Ministry of Justice and are well presented in identifiable uniforms. Recon’s event security staff have vast experience in dealing with members of the public at many different types of events and are more than competent at quickly assessing situations and taking appropriate action in a swift and sensitive manner. 

Additionally, all our event security personnel possess excellent communication skills and are trained in effective conflict resolution procedures.

To guarantee high-levels of security, Recon's Event Security staff ensure:

  • Only invited guests or ticket holders are granted entry
  • Cash is secure at point of entry
  • Under-aged persons don’t enter if alcohol is involved – ID checks are performed where appropriate
  • Drunk or disorderly behaviour is swiftly attended to
  • Theft is actively discouraged
  • Restricted areas are respected - such as stage, backstage areas or sports fields
  • Lost children are taken care of appropriately and responsibly
  • Medical emergencies are attended to quickly and health and safety procedures followed at all times

When managing your event security with Recon, you will receive a comprehensive de-brief at the conclusion of each day's operation.

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