Recon Security's concierge is a mixture of customer service and security guard



We all know the importance of first impressions.

Whether you are a property manager or a CEO of a large company, it's essential that your clients are made to feel welcome, safe and at ease during your initial meeting or communication.

It sets the tone for your ongoing relationship and there are no do-overs.

What is a Concierge Service?

Recon’s Concierge Service is a combination of effective customer service with reliable guarding capabilities.

Essentially, this service ensures the safety and security of visitors and tenants, as well as a capacity to perform daily organisational tasks, provide communication between the clients and tenants, offer valuable advice and guidance, and efficiently manage the activities in and out of the building.


First and foremost, you can be confident that our trained and highly professional concierge staff will faithfully represent your business in a friendly, courteous and welcoming manner.

As the face of your company or site, we understand the importance of making a great first impression, which is why all of our concierge professionals are hand picked for their diligence and dedication to their role.

Other benefits of outsourcing your concierge service to Recon include:

  • An effective use of resourcing; one person essentially performs two roles, with your concierge also managing security for your site and assets.
  • Simplified accounting – one service, one invoice.
  • Reduced risks – the responsibility for employee contracts, training, scheduling, payroll is all ours.
  • Our concierge professionals are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to CCTV monitoring and operation, as well as well versed in access control procedures.
  • Advanced recognition and management of potential security issues and threats.
  • Our staff receive specific training in how to effectively handle unforeseen security problems and emergency situations.
  • On-site Recon employees can provde first response to fire and other emergencies.
  • With a constant on-site presence, response times for tenants urgently needing assistance is increased.
  • A reduction in time pressures on property managers, allowing you to focus on higher priority issues.


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What can Recon's Concierge Service offer you and your tenants?

As well as being a visible presence, professional, polite and courteous, Recon's concierge staff can additionally provide a range of value-add services:

  • Comprehensive access control procedures
  • Open / close entrances at that start and close of each work day
  • Escort employees after hours
  • Health and safety log for monitoring tenants and visitors in case of emergency
  • Monitoring and recording all CCTV activities
  • Regular or irregular patrols - interior and exterior
  • Procedures for dealing with minor building maintenance issues
  • Liaison between tenants and property managers
  • Frequent reports to tenants and property managers on building type issues
  • Gate keeper for tenants' telephone communication from outside the building
  • Organise daily tasks for tenants such as ordering taxis, courier drop offs and pick ups, managing room booking and/or catering
  • Provide essential information about companies within the building
  • Provide informative advice about the local area, transportation system, specific events
  • Support visitors in organising shuttles or taxis
  • Develop a custom built concierge database that meets the needs of all stakeholders

Providing a comprehensive concierge service can only enhance your company reputation and help with those all important first impressions. Act now to  reap the benefits of using a specialist concierge service to represent your business.

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