Porirua City Council

The Client

Kelvin Irvine

Job titleProperty Manager

OrganisationPorirua City Council

Kelvin is the Property Manager for Porirua City Council. Recon has been working with this client for over 10 years. Although he only joined the City Council two years ago, Kelvin was really pleased with the work we were already delivering. His experiences had not been so positive in his previous roles which included property management and security across a range of sectors including universities, transport and haulage, as well as other local authorities.

The Challenges

Kelvin’s previous experiences in managing security contracts hadn’t been good. A lack of information, fabricated reports and ineffective patrols were just a few of the issues he had experienced.

Account management is challenging because so many people move between jobs, often just as good working relationships start to develop. This makes it difficult to sustain the required service level and is a disappointing consequence of employers focussing on revenue rather than the great customer satisfaction that can be delivered by motivated account managers.

The Problem

Having people who understand the needs of each site is really important but often the person who negotiates the contract for the security firm doesn’t pass on the details and information they have discussed with the team delivering security services on the ground.

The KPIs set by the client are then not achieved because the security team have competing requirements, especially where firms are trying to use fewer staff to manage more sites to improve revenue.

Reporting is a further issue and is often not consistent with what is actually happening on the ground. Inaccurate reporting, false figures and other questionable data are serious issues.

Similarly, the performance of staff often isn’t what is needed – driving past a site rather than visiting the site properly and carrying out all the checks and tasks properly is a common industry short-cut. Furthermore, security staff often don’t understand the relationship between what they do and their employers’ requirements.

“A lack of communication and incorrect information is a major issue – even being actively mislead sometimes! Lots of times security suppliers tell clients what they think they want to hear rather than the reality on the ground”.

“Recon provide an above average service. We like to think that Recon is part of our property family. We have a very close working relationship”

– Kelvin Irvine

Choosing Recon

Recon Security were already in place when Kelvin joined the City Council, so it was when the contract was due for renewal that there was an opportunity to consider different options. As all the staff were more than happy with security this suggested that Recon were doing a great job and should continue.

The Results

Recon provided patrols, guards monitoring, noise control and cash services across different sites.

Like his team, Kelvin is really impressed with Recon: “They have great staff who are supported with an effective company structure. We know who we’re talking to when we need some information and there are very few staff changes which is great for us and reflects well on the business.”

Detailed monthly reporting presented in a way which is accessible for everyone in the City Council is really appreciated by the team. The reports cover security, noise control and other factors which actually exceed the client’s expectations. Our reports even include staff turnover – and because we hardly have any staff leaving us this reflects well from a client perspective.

Kelvin’s great feedback! “Recon provide an above average service. We like to think that Recon is part of our property family. We have a very close working relationship”.

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