Event Security

Anyone running an event will understand that there are specific objectives for venue and event security which are to provide a safe environment for staff and visitors, prevent the disruption of the event/services, and protect property against damage or loss.


What type of events might need this level of security?

Where there is a crowd, there is risk...

  • Sports matches
  • Concerts
  • Weddings or 21st or family functions
  • Street parties
  • Fairs and galas, school balls
  • Private & corporate functions
  • Emergency or remote asset protection
  • Celebrity Security
  • Protester & crowd controlling


What should I be considering when planning with a security company for my event?

There is a lot to think about when planning an event. Your security provider will work with you on a number of security considerations during the planning phase. These could include pedestrian flow and access control, alcohol controls, infrastructure, money handling, waste management, fencing around licensed areas, barriers for front of stage areas, lighting in the area, processes for lost children, dog control, signage for directional and warning of hazards, formal traffic management plan and emergency procedures.


What should I expect from Recon’s guards?

All Recon event security staff conduct themselves in a highly professional manner. They all hold a Certificate of Approval issued by the Ministry of Justice and are well presented in identifiable uniforms. Recon’s event security staff have had vast experience in dealing with members of the public and different types of events. They are competent in the assessment of situations and actions taken.

Their response to potential issues is timely, efficient and managed in a sensitive manner. Excellent communication skills and effective conflict resolution procedures ensures that Recon’s security staff manage any event expertly.


To guarantee high-levels of security, Recon's Event Security staff ensure:

  • Only invited guests or ticket holders get in
  • Cash is secure at point of entry
  • Under-aged persons don’t enter if alcohol is involved – ID check
  • Drunk or disorderly behaviour is attended to
  • Theft is discouraged
  • Restricted areas are respected - like a stage, backstage or sports field
  • Lost children are cared for
  • Medical emergencies are responded to
  • Health and safety procedures are adhered to

With all event security managed by Recon, you will receive a de-brief at the conclusion of each day of the operation.


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