Noise Control

Need the noise turned down? Permanently?

When Recon noise control officers attend a noise incident the offenders get the message.

Your citizens and activities are entitled to make noise at a reasonable level, but excessive noise needs to be reduced or stopped. Recon noise control officers are trained to engage with offenders, defuse potential problems and shut down the noise.


Typical noise control issues

  • Loud music at a party
  • A house or building alarm
  • Construction and industrial activity
  • A busker or bar

Our noise control officers are trained Security Guards and they make sure the noise is turned down ASAP and that it won’t be turned up again.


How does Recon handle noise control?

Reports of offensive noise are acted on quickly, neighbours expect results fast.

A Recon Mobile Patrol is automatically notified and immediately dispatched when the Council emails through a noise control notice. In reality, the Council directly dispatch a Recon vehicle to a noise-control incident. It’s that fast.


Professional noise control with no complications

Recon has an alert system to warn noise control officers of reported hazards, previous notices served, prior offending or threats. Recon noise control officers record all incidents electronically and reports are emailed to the council daily.