NZ Marshall

What is a NZ Marshall?
NZ Marshalls are Recon Security’s elite security guards. They are recognised as the industry’s top performers. As well as having extensive knowledge, skills and experience in security provision, Recon’s NZ Marshalls undergo ongoing, comprehensive training. They adhere to rigorous standards and stringent quality controls.
What kind of contracts REQUIRE Recon’s NZ Marshalls?
NZ Marshalls are used for any contract that demands a high level of security provision. Clients who need guards to be highly skilled, physically fit and exceptionally astute and resourceful choose NZ Marshalls.

NZ Marshalls are often contracted into environments such as:

  • Ministry of Justice
  • Police crime scenes
  • Government embassies
  • Sensitive corporate environments
  • High value security locations
  • High risk security sites
Why choose A NZ Marshall?
Whilst we carefully vet and select all of our security guards at Recon, in order to ensure we maintain our high standards of service delivery and response, NZ Marshalls are very much the 'best of the best': elite security guards, officially approved by the Ministry of Justice.

Marshalls are easily identifiable in their unique uniforms, and in many ways act as an extra deterrent to would-be trouble makers, sheerly by their presence.

Conducting themselves in a highly professional manner at all times, every certified NZ Marshall has had extensive experience in dealing with members of the public across a wide range of different challenges and situations. Their response to potential issues is timely, efficient and managed in a sensitive manner.

A NZ Marshall can competently meet the most sophisticated of security needs, thanks to their elite training and attributes:

  • Skilled and knowledgeable security operators
  • Part of a constant guard force, with low staff turnover
  • Exceptionally physically fit and able to deal with most situations
  • Effective communicators
  • Competent in their use of multiple operational software systems
To enquire about Recon's crack team of NZ Marshalls, contact us today.