About Recon

Recon Security Limited (Recon) is a comprehensive security and investigative company, with cutting edge technology, quality assured systems and proficiently trained staff. Recon provides services to residential, government and commercial sectors throughout the greater Wellington Region and wider Aotearoa New Zealand.

Recon has been operating successfully since 1995 and is 100% New Zealand owned. Employing in excess of 150 personnel, Recon is one of the largest Wellington-owned security companies in New Zealand.

Recon prides itself on market insight, progressive innovation, sustainability and industry best practice. Its market appeal lies in the range of services available and the standard to which it meets the needs of all clients.

All Recon personnel are highly trained and competently follow well-established standard operating procedures. Professional mangement structures ensure Recon’s personnel are supported and challenged to perform to the best of their ability.

Recon’s operations are effectively coordinated through its 24-hour-manned control centre. Recon’s use of advanced technology ensures optimum service delivery that is professional, efficient and timely.

Recon is committed to:

  • Keeping up to date with industry best practice through research and training
  • Protecting the integrity of all clients through highly professional conduct
  • Developing an individualised service, based on particular client requirements and needs
  • Positive partnerships between Recon and clients through transparent, effective systems and procedures; and ongoing, clear communication
  • A triple bottom line philosophy that considers and addresses the economic, social and environmental impact the company’s systems and processes may have on stakeholders


Recon provides excellence in security services, using sophisticated systems and working successfully with employees and clients to create extraordinary outcomes.


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