A successful event requires efficient security services: Recon provides security for Homegrown 2021

Recon was proud to provide security services for Homegrown earlier in March this year. Homegrown is a music festival held annually in Wellington to celebrate the musical talents of local Kiwi artists. With such excitement and celebration, comes the responsibility for event-runners to hire security companies capable of providing a safe environment for its staff and visitors. Homegrown Events entrusted Recon to deliver security services that ensured festival-goers stayed safe while having a great time – and of course, Recon delivered!

Recon employs personnel who have had extensive experience in event security and who are equipped in working with large numbers of people in environments where emotions may possibly be heightened (as often seen at music festivals). When working at events, our security team’s priority is the staff and public’s safety and wellbeing, the ongoing assessment of situations, and taking action accordingly to ensure there is no disruption throughout the event. All our event security staff conduct themselves in a professional and approachable manner where if incidents do occur, our team is trained in de-escalation management to mitigate any associated risks.

Having security guards experienced in event management means that Recon can provide event-runners with staff who are equipped in handling the associated requirements of running an event. Such tasks may include controlling pedestrian flow and access, alcohol controls, money handling, waste management, ID checking, fencing around licensed areas, and undertaking emergency procedures, to name a few. Recon is always prepared to work with tailored security considerations during the planning phase, prior to the event.

At Homegrown this year, Recon was tasked with running both the entrance and exit points for the ‘electronic’ stage located on Barnett Street and the ‘rock’ stage located at Odlin’s Plaza. Recon deployed 30 guards including 5 team leaders to cover these areas. As well as this, Recon ensured a comms operator facilitated communication between our staff from Homegrown’s command centre. This ensured all operations between staff were consistent and compliant with the needs of the event and that response times, when required, were prompt and precise.

When reflecting with our team, Recon staff claimed that this year’s Homegrown was a success, where the preliminary organisation, ongoing management and professional security services ensured both the public, Homegrown staff and Recon staff enjoyed themselves thoroughly. With roughly 25,000 ticket holders and over 300 employed security staff, the event presented both rewards and challenges for Recon. With such challenge comes the opportunity for skill-building and professional development, a highly valued aspect of Recon’s company culture.

A huge thank you to Homegrown Events for giving Recon the opportunity to provide security services for such an established, well-organised and rewarding event.

A successful event requires efficient security services, so if you have an upcoming event and require a high-level security detail, contact us now and we’ll help you action this goal.