rob_bullenAlarms & Cameras Systems

Your products and service are far superior to the other companies we have used and we ended up saving money and time. We have used Recon to install alarms in all our new properties. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team at Recon for anyone wanting good security advice or needing an alarm system

Peter Laurenson

rob_bullenAlarms & Cameras Systems

Unrivalled service and the added security that you are much more than just a number. Aside from providing the complete range of security services, Recon is Wellington-based and staffed by people who like people.

Jacqui, Martini Design

rob_bullenAlarms & Cameras Systems

Your sales team were great, their technicians were on time and very professional in their conduct. Getting our alarm installed and monitored by Recon was our best decision ever.

Which brand of equipment is best?

Blair MalcomAlarms & Cameras Systems

This can often be dependent upon your site and specific requirements, although it is fair to say that all of the main brands are reasonably close in operating specs and price. It is important to ensure the system is genuine (NZ is awash with counterfeit/parallel imports) and supplied locally by licensed suppliers such as ourselves. It is sensible to ask …