Benefits of Quality Security Concierge

In a building where there are lots of foot traffic and activities, it is important to maintain security officers who will receive visitors. They must be presentable and present a positive image to visitors. The security concierge must look professional and respectable.

A lot of businesses will ensure that rear doors, fire escapes, and loading bays have been secured, but they forget to assign security personnel in front, which is considered as the most vulnerable entry point of a building. Unsecured or unmanned reception areas can provide a direct access point to the business. It is common for people to enter the premises of a business by walking through the front door without being asked why they entered the building.

Security guards will ensure that the tenants and visitors of the building are safe and secured. They also serve as the bridge between tenants and clients, perform organizational tasks, manage the activities within the building, and provide pertinent information to visitors and tenants. They redirect callers and deal with appointments. They can also do light administrative tasks, but their main priority is the security and safety of the people within the building.

Security officers who serve as concierge will also deal with any problem connected to the building. They are the liaison point for deliveries, utility suppliers, contractors, and deliveries. They also ensure that the building’s environment is comfortable for everyone in it. They have a direct line to housekeeping to make sure that building is clean all the time.

Highly trained security guards will ensure that peace of mind for property owners or managers. They protect the property, the people inside it, and the assets on the premises. As security concierge, they will provide good customer service while protecting the property. Whether it is a gated community, corporate event, or an office building, they will be the first point of contract for people going in the property. While they are courteous and respectful to everyone, they are trained to spot if there is trouble and prevent entry to people who they deem should not be within the premises.

The security guards work from the front desk, guard stations, or making their rounds in their security vehicles. They are trained to contact and work with public safety agencies in case of trouble or emergency. They make sure that everyone is safe.