Commercial Alarm Monitoring Testimonial

Darryn Plows, Hardistry Engineering.

I’ve been with Hardistry Engineering for around 17 years. I’ve been in charge of the security and felt that the old alarm system wasn’t doing the job properly there would be no responders when it would go off. Since changing our alarm monitoring to Recon it’s become a lot easier to track who’s coming in and going out.

Recon also has their own technicians which makes it so much easier on us. If there is a problem, we are able to call them directly. We don’t have to worry about servicing because the team at Recon seem to know if there’s a problem before we do. They have their own mobile patrols, so if there is an activation they can send a local guard straight here. We can rely on Recon to send a message to their guard and they’ll be here as soon as possible.

Our complete trust in Recon means we can lock it and forget it. I believe the stress relief in regards to the worry free monitoring is priceless. It’s well worth the money that’s paid and the people who they have in their monitoring room speak to you as if they have known you for 15 -20 years. They know exactly who you are and they understand your needs. It’s simple it’s easy and there’s no stress. With Recon it’s all sorted.