COVID-19: Our Response

In light of the ever-evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we’ve been closely monitoring this in real-time based on the advice of the World Health Organisation and the New Zealand government and reviewing our approach regularly.

  • We have implemented a new portable hand-washing station at our main office in Wellington to encourage elevated hygiene standards within our work-environment, ensuring the protection of our staff
  • We have been encouraging our staff to avoid densely populated public areas and to keep a 2m distance from others
  • We have been encouraging our staff to avoid physical and proximal contact with people who exhibit flu-like symptoms
  • We have been encouraging a healthy and balanced diet – rich in fruits & vegetables as well as vitamin A, B, and C supplements where necessary.
  • We have been endorsing the use of gloves, protective eyewear (clear glasses) and/or facemasks for guards on worksites.
  • We will be providing all company vehicle drivers with (100% biodegradable) antiseptic/anti-viral wipes to clean mobile vehicles, thus ensuring safety in both static and mobile work-locations.
  • We have established a dedicated team within the business to consider further steps we can take to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff.
  • We have developed a strategic agenda that has been designed to estimate an effective approach if and when the pandemic escalates. This agenda is split into 3 distinct phases. We are currently in the 1st phase, ‘Prevention’ which focuses on the prevention measures we need to undergo as staff right now.


It goes without saying this is a tricky time for us all. We remain absolutely committed to doing everything we can to put the health and safety of our Recon staff and clients first. Rest assured, our services are still in operation, and bringing safety and peace of mind for you all.