Cut Costs with a Concierge Security Guard

These days it’s all about cutting costs where possible, whilst still maintaining the upper-most quality. So why would you hire security guards and separate concierge personnel?

Many security companies integrate the services of a security guard and concierge, into one highly effective employee with excellent customer service skills and reliable guarding capabilities. Recons Concierge Service helps to ensure the safety and security of visitors, staff, tenants and the building itself, all the while carrying out the duties of a concierge. It is crucial that a Concierge Security Guard not only has all the relevant training to calmly diffuse any undesirable situations, but also that they have the skillset and training to perform organisational tasks, manage activities within the building, and provide pertinent information to visitors and tenants. After all, whether it be a gated community, corporate event, or an office building, the memorable face of a company is often the first port of call, setting the tone for the visit

Here at Recon, we understand that your property cannot be without a specific level of protection, but it also cannot be without quality customer service. Therefore, by investing in a Concierge Service you are investing in a service that targets both needs.