Does your business require CCTV?

Over the last two decades, CCTV technology has improved enormously and as a result, even highly sophisticated electronic security systems have become cheaper and easier to use. For both small and major businesses alike, CCTV is now commonplace in New Zealand.

Does your business require CCTV?

CCTV security cameras deter, detect and provide increased visibility of your assets ensuring the protection of your business, staff, customers/visitors, and you. Identifying the purpose of your proposed CCTV system is essential.

There are many reasons New Zealand businesses are using CCTV.

Some of the obvious reasons are:

  • CCTV can detect and capture evidence of crime
  • CCTV may actively deter crime

Some of the not so obvious reasons are:

  • CCTV can identify staff productivity deficits including; time theft, customerservice issues/complaints, delivery shortfalls and wastage to name a few.
  • CCTV can monitor health and safetyregulations including the monitoring of staff compliance and tracking accident and near-miss incidents.

When is right time to have CCTV installed?

The time at which you decide to install CCTV for your business should mark the time when you acknowledge your business’ security needs. There are two times that you can acknowledge your security needs.1) Before you need security or 2) after you need security. It goes without saying that before is the best option if you are wanting to employ optimal protection around your business.

Consultations are an important step when considering the installation and use of CCTV for your business. This is where Recon comes in. Recon has a demonstrated track-record for being a competent, flexible and reliable CCTV provider in New Zealand. When you inquire with Recon, you can trust that you are working with:

  • A 100% locally, kiwi-owned and operated business
  • Over 20 years of industry experience
  • A Ministry of Justice licensed installer
  • Installation and maintenance staff that are qualified and licensed by our industry partners
  • A business that does not subcontract any installation or maintenance services

Our aim is to provide a streamlined, cost-effective and hassle-free solution to adequately meet your specific security needs.

Recon can provide expert advice and a free quote. All you need to do is get in touch.

Call now and the first twenty businesses that do, will get a $200 discount off any system purchased.


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