Guard Services for State Owned Enterprise

The Security contract for the project was tendered and Recon was selected following the review of three separate tenders as one of the most competitive in price and also in service being offered. The price was a key factor but the quality of service was equally important.

During projects you need to have a good supply of service, it’s a key part of the continuality of the project and Recon were able to provide that. They promised it up front and they delivered it throughout the project as well.

The Services from Recon were of a very high standard from Management right through to the new Security guard who would arrive onsite, with kit ready to go and looking professional; and know what they needed to do.

Health and Safety during the project, Recon played a vital part in the entire project. Managing some of the health and safety aspects for us particularly if there has been an emergency onsite, they have played a critical part of the communication. Particularly when emergency services were needed for a medical emergency they played a key role in that, they preformed to the level we expected.

The project itself had some very strict resource consent conditions placed upon it and required electronic systems to be installed and used to manage contractors on and off site.

So with three guard huts and each guard required to scan the vehicles and people during the course of the project we have had in excess of 170,000.00 individual cars scanned. The guards have taken up that technology and run with it right from day one.

The communication with Recon from the Senior Management level down has been fantastic.

We have always had good service and whenever we have had to talk to Recon to discuss anything there has always been someone at the end of the phone or at regular monthly meetings, meeting with the senior Management and the weekly meetings with onsite Management, the communication has always been exceptionable.

I would recommend Recon to anyone else because of their professionalism and attention to detail and the quality service they provide.

Andre Holme; Health & Safety advisor