Highest Workplace Safety Awarded To Recon

As a result of Recon Security’s excellent systems, processes and safety track record; it has been awarded the highest ACC accreditation – ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices: Tertiary Level. This blog is to provide you withmore information about what this means and why it’s worth the commitment.

Every employer wants to ensure the safety of his or her employees. Not only do accidents cause stress to the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of employees but also to the people resources within the organisation to cover shifts, manage the incident follow up and provide extra resources to mitigate further issues. Potentially this has implications for other businesses that are relying on the organisation for services or products. It could cause disruption to the services or over time could cause increase in costs.

So apart from wanting its people to stay safe, it makes sense for all businesses to ensure the health and safety practices within its organisation are robust.

But this doesn’t just happen because you want it to or care about it. It requires planning. Risks need to be assessed and mitigations need to be put in place. Systems and processes must support a high level of health and safety practices. The organisation should have a person or committee whose responsibility is to oversee health and safety on a regular basis.

Fortunately in New Zealand we have supports in place to develop workplace safety management practices. ACC has a comprehensive programme that works to strengthen organisations’ existing health and safety systems and practices.

The programme:

  • works to reduce injuries
  • gives businesses an audited, national safety framework to work to
  • proves the employers safety commitment to staff
  • demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to customers, the business community and the public
  • rewards the organisation with ACC levy discounts.

Organisations, such as Recon Security, who have a strong commitment to health and safety, can be rewarded with an ACC accreditation. There are three levels to work towards, the basic level being Primary, the next step is Secondary and the highest accreditation possible is Tertiary Level.

To earn the prestigious tertiary status Recon has:

  • demonstrated long-term financial stability and the ability to meet the cost of work-related injuries
  • active workplace safety systems and processes in place
  • active injury management procedures in place, including claims administration and rehabilitation support
  • demonstrated the involvement of employees and its representatives in workplace safety
  • met the programme audit standards for workplace safety and injury management and is be able to demonstrate a commitment to injury prevention.

This level of health and safety management is an ongoing process of assessment, review and planning but Recon and ACC recognises that it’s worth the time and commitment not only for Recon’s management and employees but also for Recon’s clients.