Home Burglary Prevention

Police data shows that burglary attempts are soaring, with 75,000 cases of unlawful entry with intent of theft in 2017 alone. Of these burglary attempts, resolution rates are shockingly low at under 10 percent. Despite this, reports show that approximately 50 percent of Kiwis do not have sufficient security measures in place. Subsequently, New Zealanders are not adequately safeguarding their homes to prevent burglaries.

Unfortunately, simply locking your doors does not always cut it. But how else do you protect your home while you’re out? Here are some top tips –

  • Always lock doors and windows
  • Lock away tools and ladders as these could be used to break in
  • Install sensor lights
  • Install an alarm system
  • Install a CCTV system

If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period, try some of these extra tips –

  • Make sure your house looks ‘lived in’
  • Leave curtains/blinds open
  • Enlist your neighbors/friends/families help with watching your home
  • Make sure your mail does not accumulate by getting someone to come collect it
  • Ask neighbors to occasionally park in your drive way