Latest Client Testimonial

I am Jamie Selkirk; I am the co-owner here at Stone Street Studios.

We are obviously do big film productions. This is the main studio base here in wellington and in fact one of the key facilities here in New Zealand.

I think if anyone rang me up about security firms, I would say Recon are the people to go for. They have a very prompt service and they have very good guards. They go the extra mile when you need them to do that and they are good value for money.

Once you have good security like Recon, they have the ability of lots of branches. They can do alarms, camera work, they can do gate security, location work, mobile patrols and they are very efficient at it.

I think at the end of the day that’s what you need to go for. In any business there is good efficient service and recon certainly delivers in that department.

What’s excellent about recon is they have a good staff base and here at Stone Street Studios we like to have a good staff that get to know the facilities well and they do more, they go the extra mile and actually improve things around the area.

They get a good rapport with the crews that come in and they actually get to know each other. They have been a similar range of guards and they always go the extra mile and do the extra bit of work and that’s what you really need. What’s great about recon is the availability is always there.

We do production here at the facilities and if something goes wrong you can always ring them at the recon office because they are always there on the phone. Because they man the phones all the time they can instantly respond and I think that is really useful.

That’s one of the key reasons we are staying with recon as they are always there when you need them.

I think that’s what’s great about recon they are experts in commercial protection.

Be secure, go for Recon.