Leading edge technology for the security industry

Recon Security’s iGuard has been developed for the New Zealand security industry to enable security managers to have improved, easily available and accurate information at their fingertips. iGuard performs several key functions:

  • Secure communication between security manager and guard post
  • Incident reporting
  • Visitors or contractors management
  • Maintenance recording and reporting
  • Health and Safety recording and reporting
  • Digital security guard logbook
  • Recording phone messages
  • Lost property database
  • Detailed reporting.

Being a web-based system, authorised users can access the information anywhere in the world to monitor guard post activity. This is particularly useful for facility managers or security managers who are based at different locations to guard posts or work different hours.

The customer dashboard provides an overview of every logbook entry within seconds of it being inputted at a security guard post. It also has a useful message window to communicate real-time with on duty personnel or to leave messages for upcoming shifts.

The built-in reporting features allow security managers to extract data when and where necessary for any of the inputted criteria. The reporting also allows security guard managers to monitor staff performance:

  1. Track guards’ frequency of patrolling
  2. Track observations made during patrols
  3. Report incidents.

The benefits of this system include the following:

  • Real time information is provided to the client and Recon Security’s Communication Centre as it happens
  • Clear and accurate information/data is provided for reporting
  • Data can be disaggregated to identify trends or common issues specific to areas, buildings, time of day, type of incident etc
  • It can be customised to include the specific KPIs guards are expected to achieve and track
  • The hardware is portable and easily transferred to various working spaces. It can be used to record evidence e.g. photograph graffiti and damage from break ins
  • A cloud-based application means data and information collected cannot be misplaced or destroyed
  • The system allows for communication between the guard and onsite reception/manager– for discreet alerts, information to be recorded, requests etc.
  • It reduces the strain on resources – meeting sustainability targets.