Lone Worker Personal Safety Device

There is a general duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to eliminate all risks to health and safety. Employer owes all staff a duty of care, and as such they need to consider the risks to worker’s safety in the workplace.

Lone workers who carry out work in isolation from other employees without close or direct supervision require extra precaution. Working alone can be dangerous but the risk of dangers can always be minimised if it cannot be eliminated.

Recon’s loan worker personal safety device is a fully-supported, New Zealand developed, end-to-end safety sytem. This technology is designed for both small and large organizations to deploy in the field with minimal user training. The device features a panic alarm and a man-down alarm, both GPS tracked to our 24-hour Comms Centre. It also features an open two-way voice channel for hands-free communication. When a panic alarm has been activated, a visual alert identifying your employee’s GPS location will be displayed in our 24-hour Control Room so support can be provided to the distressed employee.

The personal safety device can also allow an email alert to be sent to pre-determined email addresses. This is a useful tool to notify your health and safety team when an alarm has been activated. Recon can also design a custom response plan to dispatch police or emergency services and/or contact company management or specified people.

Ensure your duty of care and provide your staff with a peace of mind that they are looked after and cared for.