New Zealand Security Guard of the Year Award 2015

Recon Security is excited to announce their nominee for this annual award across all Security staff throughout New Zealand, was won by James Durning from Recon Security Wellington. Read More

In January of this year while on duty at Taylor Prestons, James discovered a fire in a store room while conducting a site patrol. He immediately raised the alarm and was responsible for ensuring the safe evacuation of over 300 employees from the plant. James then coordinated emergency protocols, the clients management team and the emergency services. NZSA Security Guard of the year 2015

Recon’s success with such professional staff can be partially accredited to the fact that their staff are paid fair wages. Recon works studiously to not only train their staff but to treat them like the valued professionals that they are and ensure a sense of value in the work that they do. Too often, large security companies try to scrimp any penny they can and offer low wages and minimal training which leads to poor staff satisfaction and ultimately poor customer service, as highlighted recently in this artical about security guards.

Recon’s goal when hiring staff is to make them feel valued and this goal has a ripple effect which leaves staff happy to help and happy to work and avoids incidences like this Wellington owned Security company have recently had with security guard theft.

If you are wanting more professional security staff, that deliver a more effective service, then make an Enquiry Here, or if you want more information about Recon’s professional team Click Here