Noise Control Officers

The job of deciding what’s excessive or unreasonable falls to noise control officers employed by the local council.

So what happens when your neighbour’s party gets too loud? Call your council’s noise control officer.

The Council emails through the noise control notice and our Recon Mobile Patrol automatically gets notified and immediately dispatched – it’s that fast!

Our Recon noise control officers are well trained Security Guards who make sure noise is shut down quickly and that it won’t be turned back up again. When our noise control officers attend a noise incident, the offenders get the message. They are trained to engage with offenders and defuse potential problems.

Every person is responsible for the noise they create and to ensure noise levels do not become excessive or unreasonable.

Be a good neighbor and mindful at all times of the impact of your noise on your neighbours.

If you are intending to hold a party or any other noisy activity, discuss your intentions with your neighbours and comply with any agreement made.