Not all Mobile Patrols are Created Equal

In today’s world business owners and organisations are extremely security conscious. Too often the welfare of staff and assets are threatened and with business continuity at the forefront, it’s no wonder successful companies are looking for the best commercial security service they can find.

Having a static guard on site as protection when you at not there may be an ideal scenario but is not always an affordable option. Mobile patrols are a cost effective way to have a security presence at your premises, acting as a deterrent without the cost of a full-time security officer.

With mobile patrols a security officer will arrive at your site, at varied/random times, in a branded security vehicle and will patrol key points of your building and grounds to ensure all is in order. Day and night patrols mean that any potentially vulnerable areas of your site can be regularly checked, enhancing your overall security. Mobile Patrols are a visual deterrent, alerting any potential vandals and thieves in your area that the premises are regularly visited making your site a less attractive target.

For many customers mobile patrols have proven a convenient and effective method of reducing problems such as:

  • Vandalism
  • Break ins
  • Theft of valuable assets
  • Theft of equipment
  • Vehicle theft
  • Hazards such as fire and flooding

However a mobile patrol service is only as good as the systems and infrastructure its security company puts into it. So what sets one mobile patrol service above another one?

Client confidence…

  • Confident that the security patrols are doing what they say they are doing.
  • Confident that communication between you and the security company is ongoing and effective.
  • Confident that you are kept informed of incidents, actions and outcomes.
  • Confident to sleep easy knowing your security company is the eyes and ears for your business 24/7.

Any professional commercial security company tracks its security guards movements and patrolling duties. Technology such as ‘I Buttons’ is an effective way of doing this. Discreet buttons are installed around a property. Once on site a security officer registers the patrol by waving a wand over each button at the property. This automatically records the time of the patrol and sends real time reports on observations and incidents directly to clients. With this effective monitoring and communication system, clients can feel confident that their security company is performing the contracted duties.

Having a 24/7 manned communication centre allows a security company to be in direct contact with its security guards and night patrols at all times. Should an alarm be activated at a property then the communication operator, using GPS tracking, can send the closest mobile patrol, limiting the delay between the incident occurring and the incident being resolved.

If you are thinking about improving the overall security of your business and have been thinking about mobile patrols then make sure you check with the security company what systems and processes they have in place to guarantee you a first rate service. Remember, you needn’t settle for less.