Recon Commended As Best Mobile Patrol Company

Recon Security provides security service for Rutherford and Bond Toyota Wellington and we have received outstanding testimonial from Branch Manager, Craig Martin:

“The reason we chose Recon was at that time we were having some serious issues with our current security provider. Our experience with Recon has been excellent, it really has! No one likes getting a phone call in the middle of the night but it does happen because our staff doesn’t always do what they should in the way of the lock up.

These guys [security guards] think for themselves. They’ll do stuff like go into the building, find the keys, lock cars up without having to even invole us in it and they send us a report which is on your email first thing in the morning so you can address it with staff, which is fantastic! Because previously, you got rang about absolutely everything and you get off the phone at 2 in the morning and think, ‘Did I really need to be dealing with that?’. And so, it has been really good for us.

We recommend Recon to other people just for the fact that, I think, they do think for themselves. The mobile patrol guards are awesome to deal with. If you have any issue, you ring and there’s always people at the Head Office 24 hours so you can get hold do them. And if there are any small issues, you can just ring the guys, the shift managers, whatever, and you know they deal with it and come back to you and let you know where they’re at, and the communication was really good.”