Recon Concierge Service to Provide Contact Tracing

In light of New Zealand’s response to COVID-19, Recon Security has taken this opportunity to adapt our approach to servicing buildings including high-rise, factory, and industrial buildings. As tenants eventually repopulate buildings, Recon can provide a concierge to provide contact tracing services in case any of your tenants, contractors or visitors ever test positive for COVID-19.

Our concierge would greet everyone entering the building and capture the following information;

  • Visitor name
  • Visitor phone number
  • Date & time of arrival
  • Company & floor being attended
  • Additional fields are available

Should a tenant, you or a Government agency require visitor information, it can be easily reported on. By instilling this approach during the COVID-19 restrictions, we are ensuring that contact tracing will be easier and more efficient and thus minimise any concerns to do with tenants returning to their homes. These new procedures are in line with best practices in combatting COVID-19 and follow regulations submitted by the Ministry of Health NZ.