Recon Re-signs their Hutt City Noise Control Contract

Recon re-signs their Hutt City Noise Control contract, continuing our 20 years of service to the Hutt City Council. Recon will continue supplying noise control services, utilising our advance ICT systems, trained and experienced staff, and effective health and safety practices.

The task of deciding what’s excessive or unreasonable noise levels is delegated to our noise control officers employed by the local council. The Council emails through the noise control notice and our Recon Mobile Patrol automatically gets notified and immediately dispatched – it’s that fast! Our Recon noise control officers are highly trained Security Guards who make sure noise concerns are addressed immediately, ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of the communities surrounded by the loud noise. Our noise control staff are also trained in conflict resolution and de-escalation management, ensuring that everyone involved is safe and calm.

Recon looks forward to continuing its partnership with Hutt City Council and are warmed to be delivering over 20 years of service to the people of Hutt City.