Recon Sales Consultants Committed to Improving New Zealand’s Security Sector

As New Zealand continues to adjust to the ‘new normal’ that is, life with COVID-19, the need for exceptional and professional security services is needed now more than ever. The way New Zealand carries out their day-to-day has shifted into a routine that has adjusted for Contact-tracing, sign-in/out check points and cautionary physical and social distancing. The way Recon has adjusted its security services has also adapted in response to such changes and is evident not only in the way we conduct business, but who we task with conducting these services. We employ our sales consultants not based solely on years’ experience, but also on their ability to be flexible and agile in such a client-focused industry.

A manifestation of Recon’s commitment to the security sector and its clients, is Recon’s Senior Security Advisor, Peter Jones.

With more than 20 years in the security industry, Peter is widely regarded as an expert in his field. His broad spectrum of experience includes work in Residential, Business, Commercial, Industrial, Government and Education. Peter specialises in Alarm systems / CCTV systems / Access control / Smoke & Fire detection / Lone worker GPRS devices / Alarm monitoring / Guard Services  – mobile patrols / static guards / event security. Testimony to this is the ongoing long-term relationships he maintains to this day with customers that stretches back over the years. His attitude, commitment, and breadth of knowledge of the security industry only scratches the tip of his capabilities. Peter has been a consultant for us for over 10 years, where his diligence and warmth has been evident in his client approach and targeted outcomes. An instinctual quality that is inherit in Peter’s demeanor, is his commitment to client relationships and the knowledge he brings to the table as a result of many years’ experience. Peter’s care is evident in his continuous efforts in following-up and keeping in touch. He will shape his services around any preexisting criteria you may have and is adaptable where needed. His commitment to improving security services is reflected in his ability to deliver outcomes that take ownership of the caveats within the industry and create long-term targeted solutions that strengthen the role the sector plays within New Zealand.

To get in touch with Peter or hear how he can help your business, please email