Recon Security is a PREQUAL Organisation

We are pleased to announce that Recon has completed the PREQUAL Contractor assessment and process. As a contracting organisation who has recently completed this qualification, Recon demonstrates a commitment to the health and safety for our staff, current and future clients and the wider community.

PREQUAL is a client led prequalification service, applied consistently throughout New Zealand and has a substantial user base of key clients and contractors. By completing and achieving such a qualification, our clients can be rest assured that any of our staff who are contracted for work, whether it be for security alarm installation or concierge service, are fully-equipped and trained for health and safety best practice.

This means our health and safety policies, practices and procedures have been independently assessed and that our insurances have been verified and we are committed to keeping them current. Recon recognises the value and importance of contract pre-qualification in cooperation with clients and other contractors. We meet the requirements of our clients who require us to have completed the PREQUAL assessment. We take the health and safety of our staff and clients seriously and are committed to operating in a way that reflects high standards of ethical operation and workplace safety.