Recon’s Security Sales Consultants Build a Client-focused Industry, Engendering Confidence Within New Zealand

Recon’s sales team is committed to helping our clients reduce risk and improve their overall security. Recon’s hiring culture is not based on years’ experience alone, but rather, we employ consultants with a true passion and demonstrated commitment to the industry, thereby instilling confidence within our clientele and across New Zealand’s security sector. Among many requirements, our sales consultants are responsible for hand-picking security guards that reflect the values of your business and adhere to your on-site requirements. With a hard-working, positive attitude, our sales team is always there to take care of you and your business by identifying and implementing effective solutions that cater for your security needs.

Such dedication to the security industry is reflected upon on an annual basis at the NZSA Security Awards. Of the exceptional candidates put forward for NZSA Consultant of the Year Award, Recon’s Business Development Manager for Auckland, Andrew Swain was one of the nominees. In response to Andrew’s nomination, our clients had this to say about his achievements:

“Andrew has demonstrated outstanding performance within the security sector and has made great strides in transforming the way the industry operates with an inspiring sense of client-focus, innovation, adaptable performance, and outstanding showmanship. An instinctual quality that is inherit in Andrew’s demeanor, is the extra mile he will go for his clients. Andrew is the first person to check that your needs are met, that you are more than satisfied with the services provided, and simply, that your day is going well. As well as upholding a positive attitude, Andrew’s service delivery is quantified by his measurable outcomes for his respective clients. Andrew creates an environment of trust and ease, leaving you rest assured that every corner of your criteria is met and will adjust to any amendments made along the journey. No task is deemed an inconvenience, and where there is a lack of clarity, Andrew is upfront and honest and will work with clients to bridge communication. Andrew does not only strive for sales, but rather, a shift in paradigm that gives rise to the strategic importance of a client-forward industry that engenders confidence within New Zealand.” – Nathan, Property Manager

If you are need of advice whether it concern guard services, mobile patrol services, monitoring or general knowledge on security, Andrew will not hesitate to help. To get in touch with Andrew or hear how he can help your business, please email