Recon’s Supervisor Training Builds Better Guards

Recon is committed to the training, support and development of its staff.  Training plays a vital role for our staff from keeping them safe while security guarding for clients, supporting them to achieve nationally recognised qualifications and developing them to be our future supervisors and managers.

To ensure the training provided exceeds client and industry standards both the training material and the delivery of training is regularly tested, reviewed and updated for both our managers and security guards.  A key component in the success of Recon’s training is ensuring that we have the right person at the helm who embodies Recon’s values and commitment to safety, growth and continuous improvement.  Recon’s dedicated Training Manager, Nicky Eastwood, brings with her a passion for education and professional/personal development and has spent the last 10 years supporting and coaching workplace learners to achieve.

Recon recognises the importance of making sure that our leaders have the skills, knowledge and ability to effectively lead and support their teams to provide the best possible service for Recon customers. Nicky is committed to developing opportunities for our supervisors to upskill and support their teams through Recon’s Supervisor Training Program.

Recon’s most recent Supervisor Training took place on Friday, 30th of October and was organised and facilitated by Recon’s Training Manager, Nicky. Supervisor training is a great opportunity for supervisors to revise their leaderships skills, learn new skills or to strengthen existing skills.  This is also an opportunity to ensure that the messages and standards set for their teams are consistent with Recon’s core values and forward-thinking criteria. The event included discussions surrounding fatigue management, health & safety, communication, report writing and NZQA training.

The event was a success and was met with a great turn out (as pictured below).