Reduce your Business Security Risk through Mobile Patrol Services

Business owners and organisations are extremely security conscious, and rightfully so. Too often the welfare of staff and assets are threatened.

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to safeguard your business is through a Security Guard. They would be stationed at your business location for agreed upon hours, to watch over and protect. This can be an ideal solution for some, but it can also be an unaffordable one for others. However, there are other cost-effective steps you can take to ensure the security of your business, for one, purchasing Mobile Patrol Services. Our highly trained and responsive Mobile Patrol Guards can take care of your after-hours security requirements, allowing you to relax knowing your property is secure and after-hours staff are safe.

Mobile Patrol Guards help act as a deterrent to potential crime, they alert any potential vandals and thieves that there is a regular security presence at the premises. Ultimately, making your business a less attractive target, enhancing your overall security and protecting against costly damage or intrusion.


  • Bedding-down your property at night so it remains secure
  • Randomly checking on properties throughout the night
  • Locking or unlocking doors or gates at specific times
  • Ensuring your car park is cleared
  • Checking on the welfare of your employees when they are working alone or at night.
  • Responding to alarm systems in a timely, proactive manner

Our security patrols use state of the art security technology to ensure the security of your premises, one being the use of iButtons. Discreet buttons are placed around a property, an officer will then wave their wand over each button while on patrol at this property. This automatically records the time of the patrol and sends real-time reports on observations and incidents directly to clients. Patrols are also backed up 24/7 by our Recon Security monitoring control room. These effective monitoring and communication systems leave clients feeling confident that contract duties are being performed.

If you have been considering improving your business security and want to look further into Mobile Patrol Services, make sure you check with your security company what systems and processes they have in place to guarantee you a first-rate service. Remember, you needn’t settle for less.