Security Concierge Service

Concierge services not only bring real value to tenants of multi-unit residential and commercial buildings, it also adds marketability to your property, allowing you to attract and retain high-value tenants.

Whether you are a property manager or a CEO of a company, you will understand how important it is that clients entering your building feel welcome, safe, secure and well-informed.

Concierge Service is a combination of effective customer service with reliable guarding capabilities. Security service includes (but are not limited to) greeting visitor and contractors, monitoring and recording CCTV activities and providing frequent reports to tenants and property managers on building issues. A Concierge is the first response to fire and other emergencies and protects the building and its assets.

A Security Concierge is trained to effectively manage unforeseen security problems and emergency situations which means reduced time pressures on the Property Manager, allowing them to focus on higher priority issues.