Security Guards: What it takes to be the best…

Wherever you go in New Zealand, or the world for that matter, you will see security guards or security officers performing a range of roles. Traditionally we think of these guards and officers as people who are controlling access to something and making sure that we are conforming with the ‘rules’ of that place. However there are many roles that these protection and security personnel can take. For instance:

  • Monitoring and controlling property access;
  • Monitoring onsite contractors, visitors or customers;
  • Concierge services
  • Locking, unlocking and patrolling commercial property;
  • Monitoring CCTV, alarms and access control systems;
  • Answering phones, greeting visitors and monitoring health and safety requirements;
  • Event security
  • Dealing with situations of intoxication, violence or excessive noise; or
  • Just being the eyes and ears for clients when they can’t be there.

But something you may not know is that in order for security personnel to be at the top of their game not only requires individual skills and qualities, but it also requires effective and efficient systems and processes around these guards to ensure they have the most appropriate support to perform their roles to the highest level.

So what might you expect from a security company like Recon Security who prides itself on providing clients with a top-quality security guard service?

For a start Recon values its guards and officers and strives to pay them a living wage. Recon has recognised the benefits for the company, clients and employee of paying a living wage. Recon’s guards feel valued, have less financial stress, and have increased morale and motivation. For Recon and the client the living wage has improved retention and ultimately increased the team’s skill and knowledge base. Recon’s team of security guards and officers are highly professional. They are licenced, physically fit, competent communicators, well presented and well trained.

A 24/7 communication centre provides Recon’s officers and guards with a central hub in which all operations are coordinated. All security personnel are monitored and tracked by Communication Centre Operators. This has meant the clients are confident that their security guards are where they are meant to be at the time they are meant to be there. They can also be assured the health and safety of those security officers is kept in check. What’s more, having its own point of contact means that anyone contacting Recon at any time of day or night can get immediate action – suddenly require a guard? One can be deployed within a short timeframe – no need to fill in forms and wait for someone to get back to you in the morning.

Recon has invested in significant technology to support its security officers in the field.


Mobile security guards who visit properties randomly throughout a shift log their movements by waving a tracking wand over location buttons installed around sites. This data is collated at the end of a shift, downloaded and sent to the Communication Operator who then generates reports that can be sent to specified clients and/or managers.


This customised software has eliminated the need for paper and pens and is available to a security guard via an ipad or tablet. Officers can input data, such as incident reports, that are automatically sent to the communication centre where it is collated. Reports are then generated and can be sent to specified clients and/or managers.


Rostering software like this is essential for a security company such as Recon. It allows only appropriately qualified and site trained security guards and officers to be rostered onto certain jobs. It tracks start and finishing times which in turn provides clients with accurate invoicing information.

It is these types of systems, technologies and commitments that are the foundation of what makes a good security guard a great one. So next time you need a security guard or security officer you might want to find out a bit more than just what kind of personnel are on offer, like what is behind the personnel that is going to make a difference.