Security Team Communication Meeting

Effective communication among a team has shown to be the most important thing for the success of any company. Because increasing team communication is high on Recon’s agenda, we organised a meeting with our Security Guards and Leadership Team last week to discuss just that – how we can implement an ongoing communication strategy to better collaborate together.

Why is team communication important?

When team communication improves in a security company, so does employee engagement. Team communication helps develop understanding and increase productivity among the team. Effective communication also helps build trust, serving us a safe and secure working environment. Good team communication teaches cooperation which means projects and processess run more efficiently. It helps eliminate misunderstandings and encourage a healthy and peaceful workplace.

How can we increase and maintain effective team communication?

An element of good communication is encouraging an open plan environment to make everyone feel they are part of the same team and comfortable to speak. Once you get the lines of communication open, make a commitment to listen, understand and ask clarifying questions. Be open, courteous and respectful of other’s opinion. it is also important to check in with your team regularly to invite thoughts and opinions.

Taking steps to train employees to communicate better and work as a team can really change the work environment in a positive way! It can improve everyone’s quality of work overall so make sure you never overlook this area.

As a result of our communications meeting, Recon will be implementing some fantastic new ideas to better involve our diverse workforce throughout the country, which will provide an overall better Security Service to all our customers.